Saturday, 23 January 2016



  • Garuda: India - France.
  • Hand - Hand: India - China
  • Indra: India - Russia.
  • Jimex: India - Japan.
  • Malbar: Us - India.
  • Shade: Naval Forces Of India, Japan And China.

  • Surya Kiran: India And Nepal.
  • Varuna: France And India.
  • Simbex: Indian Navy With Republic Of Singapore Navy.
  • Ibsamar: India with Brazil And South African Navy.
  • Konkan: Indian Navy and Royal Navy Of Britain.
  • Ausindex: Indian & Australian Navy.
  • Indradhanush Or Rainbow: India - UK Air Exercises.
  • Nomadic Elephant: Indian Army Exercises with Mongolia.
  • Ekuverin: Maldives & India.
  • Garuda Shakti: India & Indonesia.
  • Mitra Shakti: India - Sri Lanka.
  • Naseem Al-Bahr: India - Oman.


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